• A Year Long Championship Effort

       Soccer Every high school in
    America dreams of the opportunity to produce a championship team in at least one of its sports, and New Providence High School is no exception.
    The high school had moved beyond the dream phase into reality, winning the 9th Annual Group I Shop Rite Cup Championship.


    The Cup was established in 2003 to recognize the best athletic programs in the different sized schools within the state. Prior to the Cup, high schools had been acknowledged by the NJSIAA for championship performance in individual sports, but the Shop Rite Cup is the first award in the state’s history that honors a school’s entire sports program using performance-based criteria. 


     Tennis To earn this award, schools must accumulate points based on their performance in championship play in the 32 individual sports sanctioned by the NJSIAA. Fall, winter and spring sports are all included. Schools receive points for finishing first, second, third and fourth in group state championships.

    To achieve its championship ranking, New Providence notched the most points of any Group One school during the 2011-2012 season: 1st place in Girls' Soccer, 1st in Boys' Tennis , a tie for 3rd in Football, 4th in Boys' Indoors Track & Field Relays, plus points for having no disqualifications in all three seasons. This was the second consecutive year New Providence athletic programs have won the Shop Rite Cup. Congratulations to all the athletes and coaches involved.

Last Modified on September 20, 2012