Any student participating in an athletic activity MUST have a sports physical completed prior to the first practice session. Athletic physicals are valid for 365 days. If your physical exam was conducted more than 90 days prior to the first practice session, a health history update form must be filled out. These can be obtained in the Athletic Office or in the Health Office. If any injury or illness did occur after the original physical was done, further medical clearance is required. 
    In accordance with the New Jersey State guidelines for athletic physicals, “Each student's medical examination shall be conducted at the medical home of the student (a healthcare provider chosen by the student's parent/guardian for the provision of healthcare). If a student does not have a medical home, the district shall provide this examination at an appropriately equipped facility. For the purpose of the sports physical examination only, students' parents may choose either the school physician or their own private physician. It is preferable to have the examination conducted by your private physician since he/she already has a baseline medical history of your child as well as a current immunization record.

    Sports physical packets contain three forms which must be completed.
    These three forms are available for download by choosing the link Physical Forms on the sidebar or are available in the high school main office. Green emergency cards and white athletic permission cards are only available in the high school main office.
    1) The Health History Questionnaire must be completed and signed by your parent/guardian.
    2) The examining physician must complete the Physical Examination Form.  Be sure the date of the exam is noted clearly on this form.
    3) Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Death, and Steriod Testing forms must be reviewed and the Acknowledgement Form must be signed by the student and your parent/guardian.
     4) Submit the entire packet to EMO where the school physician will review them. The school physician will grant medical clearance by stamping the physical examination form. He/she will also provide you with a letter stating whether your child can or cannot participate in the sport.
    5) From the school's Athletic Office, obtain a green emergency card and a white Athletic Permission Card. Complete these cards.
    6) Submit the following forms to the coach or Health Office prior to the first practice session:
    a. Medical History Questionnaire
    b. Physical Examination form
    c. Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Death and Steroid Testing Acknowledgement Form
    d. Green Emergency Card
    e. White Athletic Permission Card
    PLEASE REMEMBER: NO STUDENT MAY PARTICIPATE (PRACTICE OR PLAY) IN ANY SPORT UNTIL THESE FORMS ARE COMPLETED. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Office (Ext. 355) or the Health Office (Ext. 642).
Last Modified on July 31, 2015