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    Check-out these new videos that I have included for this week.  You may also do the old videos and try some of the field day events that you did not have an opportunity to do!!  Alot of fun and great activities to keep you moving and smiling.  

    Look for more videos this week!

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    More videos to come this week

     Click on the image below to access all of the field day events.  

    Try some activities that you did not get a chance to do!!


    Announcement- 3rd - 6th grade: instead of filling out your activity log,  you may choose to send me a picture or video of yourself/family doing any type of physical activity. 

    There are also new dance, fitness, yoga, and fun videos that were just recently added to your grade level. 

    I have put in some Star Wars and Avenger Work-Outs the distant learning links below.  Click the link that applies to your grade level. I got so excited that I did them this morning.  Have fun everyone and stay safe!!

    I also added the "Danger Force Work-Out" - take a look.  It's really awesome.

    Below are links that will provide you with videos & activities that will keep you physcially, emotionally, and mentally well!!!

    3rd-6th Grade- Distant Learning Physical Education

    Distant Learning: Physical Education Recording Form

    K- 2nd Grade - Distant Learning: Physical Education

    Distant Learning: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: Announcements