Welcome to Mrs. Natale's Kindergarten 

    School Work for May 26, 2020  

    Math - Watch Math on the Spot and/or Interactive Math on classify and sort data. Then, complete the worksheet labeled Lesson 12.1.  Use this lesson to help guide your child.

    Lexia - Spend about 20 to 30 minutes completing tasks

    Listen to the story: Home in the Woods by Eliza Wheeler. Notice how the author adds labels to her pictures. In school, we practiced this a lot. However, I have noticed that many of you are not using enough labels in your illustrations. It is very important to label your work because it helps the reader understand the story better. Today you will be writing about your weekend news. Write at least 4 sentences. Remember to use labels like the author, Eliza Wheeler. Post your writing on SEESAW

     Save the Date
    Music with Mrs. Starr - Friday, June 5th at 10:00 am
    Please make sure to check your specials for daily activities. 
    1. Do an assignment on Seesaw.  Post your work with photo, recording, or video.
    2. Mrs. Blanco's Website
    3. Bingo Board - For the month of April, choose one activity from the board to do each day
    4. Live Cam Zoo Animals - Observe and discuss what you see. Feel free to write about it in your writing journal.