Mrs. Indyk's Homework Page
    Mrs. Indyk's Homework Page
    Wednesday, 11/6:  You received an RPW in your Friday folder today.  If you earned a C or less (as a grade), you have the opportunity to rewrite.  This is indicated on the Friday folder cover sheet.  Rewrites are due by Friday, 11/15.
    Tuesday, 11/5:  Your post-it assignment is DUE tomorrow.  You have been working in class on post-its for your INDEPENDENT READING BOOK.  You will have a little bit of time in class, but DO NOT leave it all for tomorrow, work on some tonight!  The outline for the assignment as well as the sample post-it based on Love That Dog are also posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM for your reference.
    Friday, 10/25:  Read over the weekend!  Don't forget that your DRAFT of your Personal Narrative is due on Monday.  We must move forward with everyone's revisions, and we will be starting editing on Monday.  Be ready!
    Monday, 10/21:  Your theme RPW for There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom is DUE TOMORROW.  Please remember that it should be TYPED on Google Docs, and should be a (long) paragraph.  Use the sample you were given in class (Carla's magic book) as a model.  If you have a working printer at home, please print out before coming to school.  Otherwise, you can use our printer in class.
    Thursday, 10/17:  Read for 20 minutes!  Your My Space PROPOSAL is DUE tomorrow.  If you already got it approved (stamped) then you are ready to work on your persuasive speech.  If you did not finish our theme practice for the story "Stray" or the open book quiz for There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, then you need to finish those tonight and bring them in tomorrow.
    Wednesday, 10/16:  Read for 20 minutes!  Complete the worksheet you received in class about run on sentences ~ it is due tomorrow.  Work on your My Space proposal if needed - due Friday!
    Tuesday, 10/8:  Read on our day off!  Also, brainstorm ideas for your "My Space" project.  Your IDEA ONLY is due by Friday!
    Friday, 10/4:  Read over the weekend!  If you were absent today, be prepared to take your Map Skills Unit test on Monday!
    Wednesday, 10/2:  Read for 20 minutes!  Finish the Social Studies scale practice sheet from class.  Don't forget your Map Skills Unit test is on Friday, 10/4!
    Thursday, 9/12:  Read for 20 minutes tonight!
    Wednesday, 9/11:  Read for 20 minutes! 
    Tuesday, 9/10:  Read for 20 minutes!  SS homework (5 Themes of New Providence) will be given out TOMORROW.   
    Monday, 9/9:  Read for 20 minutes tonight!  Social Studies - Rewatch the 5 Themes of Geography rap on my website (SS - Map Skills Unit) and answer the questions you brought home in your yellow folder.  They are due tomorrow. 
    Friday, 9/6:  Read over the weekend!  Go through your Friday Folder with your parents.
    Thursday, 9/5:  Bring in an independent reading book to school tomorrow.
    When labeling your school supplies (notebooks/folders), make sure you follow this code: YELLOW = SOCIAL STUDIES, GREEN AND PURPLE = SCIENCERED = MATH, ORANGE = FLES, BLUE = LANGUAGE ARTS.