• High School Science Students Collaborate with the Elementary Schools
    Students in Mr Lowell's Honors Chemistry classes recently spent some time with 2nd graders in the high school science labs. They investigated and separated out the components parts of marker ink and then created the famous, and very messy, obleck. Each 2nd grader was 'buddied up' with a high school student who then helped them with their investigations. As one 2nd grader noted, "it was the best activity of the year". Thank you to everyone involved. 
    Slime 1  Slime 2

    Mrs Campbell's AP Biology students recently spent a day with the fifth grade classes at each elementary school. The  Biology students demonstrated a variety of techniques involved in stream analysis including how to measure water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and water velocity. In addition, the 5th grade students collected a variety of stream invertebrates and, working closely with the Biology students, used the microscopes to identify and classify these invertebrates.

    Stream 1 Stream 2
    Students from Mrs. Mango's AP Chemistry class recently visited kindergarten students to share their love of science.  They worked with the kindergarten on some great kid-friendly experiments relating to topics including sound waves, chemical reactions, and propulsion.  The kindergarten students were amazed by the experiments, and really enjoyed the chance to interact with their new friends from the High School. 
    AWR1 AWR2