•     Big Ideas
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    These overarching concepts are the focus of our Social Studies curriculum.  As we explore each unit, we keep these ideas at the center of our discussion.  


    1.  Geography determines both how and where people live.

    2.  Geography shapes culture.

    3.  People must have water, food, shelter and clothing in order to survive.

    4.  Societies will develop where survival is most likely,such as near a river or a body of water.

    5.  The development of tools is vital to the success of a society.

    6.  Communication and cooperation are, important to the success of a society.

    7.  Civilizations have government, religion, social classes, art and writing.

    8.  Knowledge of the past will help me understand the present and dictate the future.

    9.  Ancient advances in technology affect the way people live.

    10. Religious beliefs guided the daily lives of many ancient cultures.

    11. The Fertile Crescent is considered the cradle of civilization.

    12. The area known as the Fertile Crescent is now the modern Middle East.