• New Providence Police and Teens Successfully Complete PATT Program


    The New Providence Police Department and a representative from the Union County Prosecutor's office visited New Providence High School as part of the Police and Teens Together (PATT) program. The program is designed to bring police and teens together and give them a chance to talk to one another in a friendly and open environment.
    The police officers asked students to share their experiences and feelings about the role of the police in their lives. The police officers then shared their own stories about how they got involved with police work and spoke frankly and honestly about their encounters with teenagers in town and the obligations they have to the community.
    The students then had the chance to role-play as police officers carrying out motor vehicle stops while the officers played the part of law-breaking motorists. The dangers police face every day were made plain to the students in a fun-filled, but sobering, series of simulations. Both sides enjoyed the experience and the program served to keep open vital lines of communication between teens and the police.
    NPHS would like to thank NPPD's Corporal Dennis Carovillano and Karen Positan from the Union County Prosecutor's Office for coordinating the program. Additional New Providence police officers helping to make the program a success were Patrolmen Parlapiano, Hand, Labaska, and DiParisi.

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