W e l c o m e


    Dear 5th Grade students,

      I have a lot of new and exciting projects planned this year and need your help to make them successful. Please keep in mind we only meet once a week for 40 minutes, so the best way to make the most of the short time we have together is to follow these simple  


    Enter the room quietly and find your seat.

    Listen carefully to instructions at the beginning and end of class.

    No talking when the teacher is talking.

    Raise your hand if you have a question or would like to make a comment.

    Use supplies safely and respectfully.

    Work quietly to complete your project on time.

    Be responsible druing clean up.

    Have fun and be creative!



    Grades will be given 3 times a year and are based on criteria specific to each project. Your artwork is NOT assessed on artistic ability. Grades are based on the learning process and the techniques used.  The grading criteria is a tool used to help students recognize their strengths and allow them to improve as needed. 

    The criteria is designed as follows:


    Understanding Art Concepts 

         Demonstrates an understanding of art concepts used for this project.


         Used and applied materials appropriately. 

         Artwork is neat, clean and created with care.


         Took time to develop ideas to complete project.

         Did not rush to finish.

    Work Habits/Time on Task

         Appropriate use of class time.

         Is respectful of others.

         Able to work independently.

    Following Directions

         Listens attentively during instruction time. 

         Able to set up and clean up as directed.




    You will be responsible for making up missed work.  You may be able to complete it during the next class, but if that is not an option, we will have to schedule work time during recess, or a free period during the day. You will not be able to take it home to complete.


    If you are in band or orchestra and missing art class for a lesson, you MUST tell me first.  You may not go directly to the lesson without letting me know first. I am responsible for you during the time you're scheduled to be with me. 


      Discipline Policy


    Consequences will be given to those who consistently break classroom rules, interfere with the learning process, become distracting to others or not on task.  


       1st offense:  Warning

       2nd offense: Point deduction, fill out “Think Sheet”

       3rd offense:  Point deduction, seat change or Call/email home


     If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at; ilelli@npsdnj.org


    Artfully yours,


    Mrs. Lelli