• Make sure you don't miss a thing!!
    Check your schedules regularly and mark them in your personal calendars!
    Do you have a test scheduled during your lesson??
    No problem! Just come talk to Mrs. Zazzali AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :-)
    The sooner you work it out, the more flexibility there will be. 
    Lesson Schedules:
    Don't remember which lesson group you're in? Email Mrs. Zazzali and she'll look it up for you.
    Monday - 6th Grade Lessons
    Tuesday - 5th Grade Lessons
    Wednesday - 4th Grade Lessons
    Thursday - 4th Grade Lessons
    Friday - 5th Grade Lessons
    Rehearsal Schedules:
    • Beginner Band Rehearsals are on Friday at 8:40
    • Concert Band Rehearsals are on Friday before school
    • Jazz Band Rehearsals are on Tuesday before school