• What do we do during Language Arts?
    * Guided Reading
    Guided reading and literature study provides direct small group instruction in word identification and comprehension strategies. Guided reading is the framework students need to read independently. With teacher guidance, small groups of students are provided with the opportunity to learn various reading strategies. In time, they will possess the skills and knowledge required to read increasingly more difficult texts on their own.
    *Individual Daily Reading and Reader's Notebook
    IDR provides practice in applying reading strategies and the development of fluency. Students will be responsible for a personal reader's notebook where they will respond to literature, track the genres they read with a log, prepare for book chats and keep track of buddy reading.
    *Shared Reading
    Shared reading experiences provide opportunity for print awareness, vocabulary development and models for fluency.
     * Writer's Workshop
    Students are provided with numerous opportunities to write in various forms. They observe quality writing models and are taught the conventions of grammar and mechanics. They learn to follow the writing process to plan, draft, revise and edit their writing. The writing process also provides the opportunity for children to view writing as an important means of expression. Cursive handwriting will also be taught as an effective communication skill.
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