• Another Successful Band Trip
    Early one Friday morining in September, numerous high school students could be seen lugging suitcases and sleeping bags towards one of two trucks used to store the luggage and equipment that the 131 members of the Pride and Class of New Providence, the New Providence High School Marching Band would later use to travel to Greeley, Pennsylvania for Band Camp. The band has been using Pine Forest Camps for the last 26 years for band camp allowing the students a distraction free environment to focus on developing a strong work ethic, building a team atmosphere and rehearsing to put as much of the fall field show on the field for performance. Although the weather before band camp with Hurricane Irene and the remnants of Hurricane Lee was questionable, it actually did not rain at all for the first time in recent memory and field conditions were quite favorable for much work to be done.
    As a result, the band practiced nearly 17 hours total in a 48 hour period from Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon. Camp activities besides eating, sleeping and rehearsal included a team building activity on Saturday evening and the annual senior skit performed for the rest of the band, staff and chaperones later Saturday night. The behavior and work ethic of the students was exemplary and much was accomplished. Year after year the camp staff looks forward to our visit and comments on how polite respectful and great our students are. While the band missed out on the first game under the lights, the product of that sacrifice yielded the ability to perform the entire field show with success the next weekend as the Pioneers battled Abraham Clark High School.
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Last Modified on September 28, 2011