• Autism Awareness Documentary Filmed at Salt Brook
    AutismLast April students at Salt Brook school participated in the Autism Awareness campaign organized by one of their 6th graders. As part of the program a television production company, Flying Pup Productions, visited Salt Brook in September to film an educational Documentary Video entitled “Friends Like You. Friends Like Me.”
    The goals of the Autism Awareness program are to encourage the recognition of children"s similarities; reinforce the common desire to be accepted and have friends; build awareness and demystify autism in an age-appropriate manner; encourage inclusion, respect, and friendship between children of all abilities in all facets of their lives; and to support acceptance, increase empathy, and work to reduce intimidation and bullying.
    The documentary will be will be made available online at the Children"s Specialized Hospital Autism Program web site. The intended audience includes school faculty, administrators and others working with groups of children.
Last Modified on September 21, 2011