• Allen W. Roberts School – PRIDE Day 2011
    lava flowAllen W. Roberts School recently held its first PRIDE Days, as part of their Character Education program that focuses on teamwork, respect and responsibility.

    Each class was paired with a “buddy class” with 1st grades paired with 4th grades, 2nd grades paired with 5th grades and 3rd grades paired with 6th grades. Kindergarten and Pre-K classes also worked together. Prior to PRIDE Day, buddy classes met to discuss, role play and plan what good teamwork looked like.

    For the PRIDE Day activities, students completed games and challenges which were designed to have students work in cooperative ways to achieve positive results. Buddies were empowered by the nature of their relationship to be helpers. The buddy system allowed students to be mutually responsible for each other which will help in eliminTug of Warating possible bullying behavior in the school. Forming buddy groups and having these kinds of activities enabled more students to know each other, promoting a “no tolerance” of bullying. Buddies analyzed and discussed the cooperative activities at the close of PRIDE Day and talked about what worked in the buddy teams and the benefits of teamwork.

    In addition to the PRIDE Day activities, all students participated in a whole-school writing activity focused on “What Respect Means to Me…” These writing pieces are currently displayed all around the school and several were selected and read during the morning announcemball ents.

    Finally, every AWR student completed a “Pledge of Respect” where they described that they would respect themselves, their school and others.
Last Modified on October 28, 2011