• Technology Use Increases in the Elementary Schools
    Teachers at the elementary schools are continuing to develop and enhance lessons through the use of technology. This trend has been building for several years, starting with the use of laptops and educational software, continuing on to the use of SMART Boards in every classroom, and now entering a new phase of technology that incorporates tablets and an increased focus on content creation. In addition, various teachers have utilized their websites to encourage student participation and discussion in the form of wikis, blogs and surveys. Students have completed surveys on homework, used blogs to share their ideas, explain their thinking and give their opinions on books they are reading.
    The teaching staffs at both Salt Brook and AWR are continuing to expand their technological expertise, and have been excited at the opportunities to do so provided by the district.
    At Salt Brook several classes have been exploring the use of iPads, provided by an New Providence Education Foundation grant, on performance tasks. In the Physical Education classes iPads have been used to both store and learn about nutritional information. The P.E. classes have also used the devices to video the performance of techniques used in their sport units to serve as teaching tools for other students. The photos below show some of the activities that have been captured and analyzed used the iPads.
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Last Modified on October 28, 2011