Busy Times in the Spring
    Science Fair: Salt Brook recently held its annual Science Fair for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Students worked individually and in groups to test out a range of scientific theories and processes and demonstrate their results. The projects themselves demonstrated both the students" scientific acumen as well as their creativity in both developing and representing their work. At the fair, the students stood by their exhibits, excitedly describing their work to parents, teachers, and administrators as each stopped by their exhibits. It was an exciting and enjoyable time for all.

    Earth Week: The students of Salt Brook celebrated Earth Week, with the help of the PTA, in a variety of ways. The school has participated in a drive to recycle and donate gently used sheets and blankets that has been very successful. The PTA has also begun a contest to challenge students to walk or ride their bikes to school in lieu of using the car. The first grade has also had the opportunity to learn about local ecology through a demonstration given by the local Watershed program. In addition, throughout the week, there has been a number of recycling programs in class and in the cafeteria, with the goal of teaching students ways to responsibly protect the environment.
    Bike Rodeo: 3rd graders at Salt Brook enjoyed the bike rodeo. This event, sponsored by the Salt Brook PTA, New Providence Police Department and High Gear Cyclery, provides the students with the opportunity to learn about bike safety, practice maneuvers on an obstacle course, and have their bikes registered and fine tuned. Members of the NPPD were on hand to design the course and help register the students" bikes, while Craig from High Gear Cyclery worked on the bikes. The students learned a lot from the event, and will reap the benefits from their bike "checkup" for the rest of the spring and summer.
    Last Modified on May 2, 2012