• What is Speech Therapy?

    Speech therapy is a specialized therapy done by speech -language pathologist who treat students with communication delays or disorders. Speech therapy can include one or more of the following communication areas:
    Expressive language: unable to form meaningful messages using age appropriate grammar or word finding difficulties.
    Receptive language: difficulty understanding what is being said to them.
    Articulation/speech: unable to produce age appropriate sounds.  
    Social language: difficulties with turn taking, initiating and maintaining a conversation, repairing conversation breakdowns, perspective taking and interpreting non-verbal cues.
    Voice: disturbance of pitch, loudness or quality in relation to a individuals age, gender and culture.
    Oral Motor: difficulties with muscle function and/or motor planning that affect the individual's ability to eat, drink, or speak. www.talktools.net/site/web-content/index.htm
    APD(Auditory Processing Disorder): difficulties attending, poor listening skills, following multi-step directions, difficulties processing information.
    Augmentative : assisting non-verbal student’s communication with a communication device or PECS (Picture Exchange System).