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    Clean Energy Grants
    New Providence School District has been awarded three grants from the New Jersey"s Clean Energy Program.The grants will provide $14,880 to retrofit of all classrooms with energy efficient lighting fixtures. The new equipment will result in cost savings due to reduced electricity and lower bulb replacement costs.
    Power Management Ensures Energy Savings
    In March of 2010 the district"s technology staff automated the daily shutdown and power management features on over 500 desktop computers. Based on an assumption that 30% of the desktop computers were being left on at the end of the school day, the cost savings during each school year is approximately $5,000.
    New Providence Schools Are Measured For Energy Efficiency
    Clean EnergyNew Providence School District recently joined the TEACH Program developed by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) as part of the New Jersey Sustainable Schools Network. The program is designed to support New Jersey K-12 public schools in the pursuit of energy efficiency. As part of the program each building in the district is analyzed for its energy efficiency so baseline readings can be obtained. In addition the analysis also allows the district to
    1. Understand the energy consumption and cost trends at each building,
    2. See how your buildings are doing compared to other schools locally and nationally, and
    3. Identify opportunities for improving operations and reducing costs.
    All the school buildings scored above average compared to other New Jersey schools in a variety of areas including Total Energy Use, Total Energy Cost and Total Energy Cost per student.
    To view a bar chart summary of each building Click Here
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Last Modified on March 17, 2011