• Middle School Students Travel the Universe in 3D
    Microdome 1Middle School students recently had the pleasure of viewing the universe in amazing 3D courtesy of a presentation by Aram Freidman, of Ansible Technologies Ltd. Mr Freidman, former engineering director to the Hayden Planetarium, has designed computer software and a unique dome screen to enable students to immerse themselves in a highly original and innovative view of the solar system. Students were led on a tour of the universe including ‘fly-bys" of planets and solar systems, views of solar and lunar eclipses from different perspectives and a demonstration of the 3D relationship between the Earth and Sun during the different seasons.
    Microdome 2
    The presentation was used as an introduction to the 8th grade unit on the Solar System and gave the students a wonderful base from which to start their studies. Mr Friedman"s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject ensured that the presentation was very well received by staff and students alike

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Last Modified on March 17, 2011