• AWR and SaltBrook 6th Graders Take Part in PenPal Exchange
    Students in the 6th grades at both the AWR and Salt Brook Elementary Schools wrote letters of introduction in Spanish to their future classmates "on the other side of town" in anticipation of making new friends in Grade 7 this September at the New Providence Middle School.  To kick off this first penpal exchange, students introduced themselves in the best Spanish, creating colorful and personal letters about their appearance, personal interests, siblings, and pets.  While the students enjoyed their class time creating their own letters, they are even more excited about the idea of receiving a letter from another student they may not have met yet! 
    AP Chemistry Students visit Kindergarten
    Students from Mrs. Mango"s AP Chemistry class recently visited Salt Brook to share their love of science with our Kindergarten students.  They worked with the kindergarten on some great kid-friendly experiments relating to topics including sound waves, chemical reactions, and propulsion.  The kindergarten students were amazed by the experiments, and really enjoyed the chance to interact with their new friends from the High School. 
    AP Biology Students Teach the 5th Graders
    AP BIo 1
    AP Biology students recently spent a day with fifth grade students at each elementary school. The AP Biology students demonstrated a variety of techniques involved in stream analysis including how to measure water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and water velocity. In addition the 5th grade students collected a variety of stream invertebrates and examined them under microscopes. The high school students then helped with the identification and classification of these invertebrates.

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Last Modified on June 28, 2011