• Expectations


    REQUIRED MATERIALS: In order for students to be prepared for class each day, they are required to bring
    with them the following items:
    - textbook
    - SPIRAL notebook  to be used for MATH ONLY
    - several pencils and a good eraser
    - Ipad and a sturdy stylus
    - scientific calculator (TI-30Xa or similar is recommended)
    - a folder with pockets for MATH ONLY

    SHOWING WORK: I expect all work to be shown on homework assignments as well as on quizzes and tests. There is no such thing as scrap paper. It is called "Work Paper", and is expected that all work paper will be brought to class each day to help explain and check homework assignments.
    HOMEWORK GRADING:  Homework is graded as follows: Full Credit, Half Credit, or Zero.  It is expected that homework will be brought to class for the next day. A zero will be given if homework is not in your possession when you enter class. No excuses or explanations will be acceptable DURING CLASS if you do not have your homework.
    If there are extreme circumstances that you wish to discuss with me as to why you may not have your completed homework with you, please do so before or after class in private.

    GRADING POLICY: I grade on a point system.  Homework and class participation tend to be between 10% and 15% of each marking period grade.  Points for each quiz, test, and project will vary depending on the particular assessment. You will be able to monitor the results of all assessments and your cumulative average on your Powerschool account.
    EXTRA HELP: Students in need of extra help can see me  during homeroom, during study hall, or after school.  If you choose to come for extra help, please let me know beforehand.