In this course you can expect to review and build on previous learned math topics as well as learning new material. We will work together as a team to share ideas and help each other so that we can succeed to our fullest potential. Also, in order to have a productive environment we must know our class rules and routines.


    Materials:   1. Binder

                        2. 4 Dividers

                        3. Calculator (TI-84)

                        4. Pens or Pencils

                        5. Paper


    Notebook:  It is important for us to keep our binders or notebooks organized.  Why? It is very important to keep organized notes because everyone performs better in a clean and uncluttered environment, including your brain.  Furthermore, this will help us understand when studying, and help us get better results.  Binders should be divided into four sections:
    1. Info Section               
    2. Class work: includes the do now and daily notes
    3. Homework                
    4. Test and Quizzes


    Google Classroom: A blank copy of the notes and HW as well as answer keys to both with be posted everyday. If you are absent please check the Google Classroom for all material you may have missed


    Homework:  Homework will be given daily. It is given for your own benefit to strengthen the skills that you learned in class. Homework is due the next day unless otherwise specified.  To receive full credit, homework must be complete on the day that is due WITH WORK SHOWN!!!.  You will receive a number grade of 0-2, which will be used to give your homework grade.  You can always find the homework on my webpage.  There will be NO MAKE-UPS for missing homework!




    Absences:  Students are expected to arrive on time for each class.  Absence from a class for any reason does not excuse a student from his/her responsibility from class work or homework.  It is your responsibility to obtain the notes, handouts, and homework that were given these days you were absent from either the teacher, another student, or webpage.  If a student is absent the day of an exam, he/she is expected to make arrangements with the teacher to take the exam.

    If missing tests quizzes are not made up a zero will be given.


    Grades: every marking period will consist of graded tests, projects, quizzes/journals and homework.

                  Tests/Projects:          70%

             Quizzes:             20%

                  Homework:                  10%



    Test and Quizzes:Test will be announced, quizzes may not be.  All tests are cumulative.  You are ALWAYS responsible for any previous material learned!