• AWR 2nd Annual Prehistoric Tool Museuem
    ArtifactPrehistoric humans couldn"t go to Home Depot to buy the tools they needed to survive! All of their tools were made of natural materials, hard work, and human ingenuity! Recently 5th grade students at Allen W. Roberts School were asked the question,
    “could you survive in prehistoric times?”

    As a culmination to their study of the Stone Age and using only natural materials (stones, sticks, bark, etc.), students were asked to design and build a tool that serves a specific purpose. After creating the tool, students represented their tools in a scientific diagram, labeling the various materials used and wrote a description of the tool and how it would be used. Artifact 2

    Completed work was displayed at the second annual “Prehistoric Tools Museum” in the AWR cafeteria for students to view as a self-guided class tour on Friday, January 7.

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Last Modified on January 13, 2011