• The Housekeeping Robot Task
    Middle School students in the Robotics module have been working on designing and programming LEGO robots to perform a variety of tasks. One particularly adventurous group took up the task of building a autonomous robot that could push garbage away, clean a floor and follow a particular curved path to reach its final destination.
    The group went through a whole variety of design modifications throughout the process, constantly refining their robot to enable it to perform more efficiently. They reduced it"s weight, make it more compact and stronger, introduced different sensors, and increased its power output. Overall they tested the robot over thirty times, often with feedback from advisor Dr Koven, before their successful final run shown in the video below. The students were very excited at their achievement saying "The weeks of preparation paid off and we had a fun time and hope to many more projects like this in the future"
Last Modified on March 12, 2012