• Welcome to Mr. Cattano's 7th Grade Health Class
    Course Description
    Health Education will promote wellness, which incorporates, social, physical, and emotional health. The course will give students skills that will be applicable throughout their lifetime. Units are divided into four sections that will give students an opportunity to gain knowledge and apply life skills. Students learn about personal health, drugs, safety, global perspectives, and relationships. Health Education is a sequential and age-appropriate instructional program to help students develop positive behaviors and attitudes that contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle.
    Health Literacy in the 21st century will have a strong emphasis on incorporating technology, global perspectives, and interdisciplinary connections. Lessons are designed to reinforce skills and incorporate materials that will help students apply them in different situations in their lives. The course prepares students to function optimally as global citizens and workers, and the contemporary view of health and physical education focuses on taking personal responsibility for one’s health through an active, healthy lifestyle that fosters a lifelong commitment to wellness.


    The students have completed projects on their "New Health Symbol", Made I-Movies in a group project about Decision Making, and are currently designing brochures on and learning about Stress.