• Music Theory
    Got Pencil! 
    Notebooks must have both theme and manuscript paper in a 3-ring binder
    Questions and Concerns can be addressed with Mr. Niedziejko via e-mail
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    Specific Exercises are available to help you!
    Final Comprehensive Composition Project Definition 2019 - HERE
    COFCP Chart - Click HERE
    Transposition Chart - Click HERE
    Click HERE for printable staff paper
    Linear Circle of Fifths - HERE
    Ear Training Exercises:
    Ascending Major/Perfect Intervals - HERE
    Ascending Non-Major/Non-Perfect Intervals - HERE
    Descending Major/Perfect Intervals - HERE
    Descending Non-Major/Non-Perfect Intervals - HERE
    Ascending Intervals (Mixed) - HERE
    Descending Intervals (Mixed) - HERE
    Mixed Intervals - HERE
    Triad Identification (Major/Minor) - HERE
    Triad Identification (Major/Minor/Augmented/Diminished) - HERE
    Rhythmic Dictation - HERE
    Melodic Dictation - HERE
    Harmonic Progressions - HERE