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    Existing to support the
    New Providence High School Marching Band 
    Co-Presidents - Julie and Jim DeMarco
    Vice President - Chris Melhuish
    Secretary - Jennifer Aranda
    Treasurer - Dana Cahill
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    Things the Bandwagon provides to support the High School Marching Band, their staff and students:
    • Scholarships for Seniors
    • All awards given at Band Awards Night (Every Student Receives an Award) along with a catered dinner
    • Refreshments for students at many different times throughout the season (Pre-Season, Home Games, Dinners)
    • Membership Fee in USBands Marching Band Competition Circuit ($450.00)
    • Participation Fees totaling $2750.00 to participate at World Class Venues such as MetLife Stadium and High Point Solutions Stadium
    • Uniforms for Color Guard along with purchasing of fabric for flags which the volunteers in the bandwagon sew for the Color Guard's use which are specific each year to the program
    • Supplementary Equipment and Materials needed by the marching band to function in addition to the provisions made by the Board of Education
    • Special Arrangements or Licensing Fees associated with the design of the Marching Band Show each year
    • Time and Effort in support of numerous endeavors (over 20) committees from Hair Braiding, to bus chaperones to Pit Crew, To the NP Christmas Walk to name a few - Please click HERE to see a description and definition of all the committees needed to run a competitive marching band program here in New Providence 
     Thank You, Members of the Bandwagon for all you do to support the New Providence High School Marching Band!