Tiger S.W.A.G. is a club offered to only sixth grade students of Salt Brook Elementary School.  This year, students will not only be a part of our “pen pal” relationship with Morris-Union Jointure Commission in New Providence, but students selected will also have a leadership role as a Salt Brook ambassador.  The week of September 12th, I went into all 6th grade classes to explain what the club is about, the events/activities the club does, and how to apply.  If the student is interested, there are TWO applications that must be completed by Thursday, September 22nd.  The student application must be completed by the student and the parent application must be completed by their parent or guardian.  Once all applications are reviewed, about 20 students will be selected to be a special member of the 2022-2023 Tiger S.W.A.G. club!

    Tiger S.W.A.G. will be run both as an after-school and during school program.  We will have a meeting every first Tuesday of the month after school from 3:00-4:00pm.  During school there will be many leadership opportunities, such as being a photographer on spirit days, being a classroom guest helper or guest reader for younger grades, running their own class/activity for Media Bonzana night and helping at other like events.  In addition, once a month with COVID and weather permitting, students from Morris-Union Jointure Commission will come to Salt Brook Elementary School.  Last year, the SWAG club created their own “field day” for students from MUJC.  Other possibilities are MUJC students attending lunch and recess at Salt Brook, as well as SWAG members attending events at MUJC. 

    Tiger S.W.A.G. is a great opportunity for students to branch out of their comfort zone!  They learn and practice respect, responsibility, and tolerance through all activities.  They get the special opportunity to be a leader and to run and participate in special school events.  Plus, they get the chance to meet and form bonds with other children different from themselves.


    STUDENT Application Form- this form must be completed by the 6th grade student only. To gain access to the form, it must be opened by a New Providence user. Students should apply using their school ipads.


    PARENT Application Form- this form must be completed by the parent/guardian of the 6th grade student to give permission to join the club.


Last Modified on September 12, 2022