2021/2022 Board/Committee Goals- 6/21/21

    Board Goals: 

    1. Monitor and work towards having all students return to a full day in-person school program
    2. Complete the fiscal year 2022/2023 budget process in a timely and compliant manner
    3. Review the middle school schedule and any proposed changes
    4. Communicate the New Providence School District’s curriculum journey from elementary through high
      school by reviewing the portrait of a graduate and providing a series of community presentations to allow families to learn what is available in the school district
    5. Continue to evaluate and monitor health and safety protocols, instructional models and personnel related to the COVID-19 pandemic
    6. Continue to monitor potential housing developments and the associated educational impact to our community 

    Committee Goals:

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

    • Evaluate the middle school schedule and propose changes for the 2022-2023 school year
    • Evaluate the math specialist program and consider leveled math programs at Allen W. Roberts and Salt Brook Elementary Schools 
    • Review and consider electives offered at the high school, including Business, Ethics, and Data Analytics
    • Monitor the development and implementation of a data analytics system for student achievement and SEL integration 
    • Monitor the integration of personalized learning and the development of a student-centered environment  
    • Evaluate more World Language exchange/cultural immersion programs, additional inclusionary opportunities for special education students and more resources and opportunities for ESL students and families  
    • Monitor SEL infusion into teaching practices, curriculum and evaluation tools

    Finance, Facilities, and Safety/Security

    • Review enrollment projections and results of the demographic study report related to facilities
    • Present the 2022/2023 budget within State mandated cap
    • Create facility plans focusing on the classrooms and learning environment to align with curriculum objectives
    • Continue to evaluate and monitor health and safety protocols and execute a post crisis assessment, as applicable
    • Perform a cost assessment and feasibility analysis of strategic planning goals
    • Monitor the renovation of the Culinary Arts room and Counseling Suite at the high school

    Personnel, Management, and Communication

    • Continue to discuss the demographic study and potential development as it relates to personnel and staffing
    • Maintain communication with parents and community members regarding schedule changes and instructional models due to COVID-19 pandemic
    • Evaluate the need for additional staffing in the areas of the ESL, Counseling, Math, Business, Ethics and Data Analytics
    • Develop and implement streaming options for BOE meetings
    • Develop a plan to utilize a variety of media to maximize awareness and support of the district’s goals, objectives and programs.


Last Modified on June 28, 2021