• Language Arts Curriculum

    Units of Study

      • Short Story
        • “Charles” and “Ms. Awful”
        • “The Lottery”
        • “A Day’s Wait” and “Stolen Day”
        • Project on literary terms and essay comparing two from the unit
        • “Sequel Story”- continue one story from the unit
      • The Power of Nonfiction
        • Nonfiction Book Clubs
        • Mentor text: Fast Food Nation
        • Magazine style project using research on group topics 
      • Drama
        • “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” (Twilight Zone)
        • Research Simulation Task Essay- comparing theme in three texts 
      • Poetry
        • Song vs. Poem Comparison project and essay
        • Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe


    • The Art of Argument
    • Structuring a written argument, completing outside research




    • Walk Two Moons


        • Emphasizing reading skills and writing about reading


    • The Boy Who Dared


        • Position paper and analyzing an author’s argument


    • The Giver - time permitting


    Key Policies and Procedures

    Class Expectations

    • Demonstrate respect for your classmates
    • Keep an organized binder and keep track of your materials
    • Remember your iPad! Use your technology responsibly!
    • Come to class prepared and be responsible


    Homework Policy

      • Students receive a one day grace period to turn in late or missing homework


    • Must fill out missing homework sheet and submit it with the assignment for credit
    • Assignment should be turned in on Google Classroom and the HW form can be shared with me on Drive


    • Student will receive a zero if missing work is not turned in after this one day grace period


    Late Work Policy

    • Late essays or projects are not accepted if over three days late
    • Ten point deduction from final grade for all late work


    PowerSchool and Grading System

    • Assignments will be marked as missing in Power School  if it has not been turned in
      • I also like to leave comments in PowerSchool for parents
    • Assignment will be marked with a zero if it is not received (and this will be removed if the student turns in the work and you will see a grade added)
    • Assignment will be marked as late if turned in late

    Total Points System

      • Homework - 5 -25 pts.
      • Quizzes- 30- 60 pts.
      • Reading Responses- 25- 40 pts.
      • Essays- 75-100 pts.
      • Projects- 80- 150 pts

    Google Classroom

    • Allows me to send work electronically and allows student to send me work electronically
    • Creates assignments and files them in Classroom folder for later use
    • Homework, announcements, materials and reminders are posted here
    • All work will be submitted electronically this year and students should organize their work in Drive


    Website/Class Calendar

    • Homework page- updated often, but homework will be on Google Classroom
    • Class Calendar- updated weekly on my WEBSITE
    • Relevant links and resources for material from class