• Websites

    Many of the listed websites have different ability levels so that your child can continue to use them as he or she progresses throughout the year.
    Reading and Writing  

    Big Universe
    Visit this site for Nonfiction books.

    RAZ Kids (Kids A - Z
    Visit this site to read.

    Visit this site for fun and educational activities and games. 

    Visit Starfall, where children have fun learning to read.

    Handwriting Paper and Guide
    Use this guide and paper to practice nice neat handwriting. 
    Author's Pages
    Visit this page to learn more about our Author in the Spotlight.
    Think Central
    This is a learning site for our Go Math! Program.
    Visit this site for games to help children understand basic number concepts.
    Visit this site to practice counting.
    Visit this site to practice number order. 
    The official site for the FOSS science curriculum.

    Stories, Yoga and Fun.

    Yoga, dance, mindfulness and games.