• COVID-19 Distance Learning

    April 24, 2020 

    To New Providence High School Community,

    We hope that this letter finds you well.  As we end week six of Online Learning, the administration and faculty find ourselves, more than ever before, missing our daily interactions with our students and families.  We have recognized, probably along with you, that nothing replaces our face to face interactions and the hustle and bustle of our school day.  This has been a challenging endeavor for all, however, as with any challenge we must look for the good that comes from it.  I hope that you find yourself reflecting on how important your relationships are and that when we can all gather together again, we don’t forget that feeling and we cherish them more so than ever before.  I would like to give a special THANK YOU to all students and staff who participated in our unity video this past week.  Remember, “We’re all in this together!” Please click here for our High/Middle School community video.  

    As we continue with our Online Learning platform, please see the below pertinent information.  As a result of our conversations with teachers, students and parents as well as the results from our Online Learning Survey we will adjust some of our Online Learning guidelines.  Also included is information to reiterate the success for all learners during Online Learning.  

    Communication- It is important that we continue to keep the lines of communication open between students, parents, teachers and administrators.  As a reminder, lines of communication will remain open and we encourage you to email us with questions or concerns.  If you need to contact your child’s teacher, counselor, a department head or administrator, please email us and we will respond to you within twenty-four hours.  Please keep checking your email and the school website, as we will be sending out and posting information to keep you updated and informed.  

    Student Work- Our survey results showed that the majority of students and parents feel that the assigned course work was “just right.”  It is imperative for students to recognize that their grade is contingent upon their completion of their course work assigned by their teacher.  Teachers are making every attempt to reach out to students and parents when there is missing work, however if a student does not complete their work, it will impact their fourth marking period grade.    

     Zoom-  Based on feedback from our survey results, the majority of our students and teachers feel connected through our Online Learning Platform.  One vehicle to foster that connectivity is Zoom video conferencing. Through conversations with our teachers, we have decided that changes to our Zoom guidelines, grade 9-12 will assist in further developing open lines of communication.  Beginning Monday, April 27, 2020 all students will be expected to log onto any Zoom video conferences that their teacher is hosting.  We will continue to follow our Online Learning Schedule for students to meet with their teachers on Zoom video conferencing.  We are strongly encouraging our students to find a place in their home that they are comfortable with so that they can have their camera and audio on.  When your teacher is directing a mini lesson, answering questions or giving instructions to an assignment it is imperative that you are participating.   

    Scheduling 2020-2020- Current 9th-12th graders-  we are in the final stages of developing our master schedule for next school year, 2020-2021.  During the month of May, counselors will reach out to students to resolve conflicts via email.  It is imperative that students are checking their email so that counselors can make contact and discuss how to best resolve the conflict.  In the event a counselor cannot reach a student, a decision will be made for the student.  Please note that only students who have a conflict will be contacted.  In the beginning of June, we will send a tentative student schedule to all incoming students 9-12.          

    Senior Students and Families- The administration is continuing to discuss End of Year Activities and how to best celebrate our seniors.  We will wait until May 15, 2020 to hear from Governor Murphy and make decisions as appropriate moving forward. 


    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.  Thank you for your continued commitment!


    Lauren Zirpoli

    Principal, New Providence High/Middle School