• March 31, 2020  

    Dear Seniors, 

    As I reflect on the past two weeks, and the unanticipated emotion that this pandemic has brought upon us, I can’t help but to put myself in your shoes as seniors.  Of course our emotions are filled with those in need of our prayers for their health, those that have been financially impacted and providing support to one another.  Two weeks ago, when I stood in front of you during our class meeting, I didn’t want to believe that this would become our reality. However, it has and as we see COVID-19 continue to impact our communities, the reality of this pandemic is setting in.  

    I realize that as upsetting as this is, we do need to support one another and find creative ways to celebrate you as a senior class.  I recognize that your high school experience is not only about academics and how hard you have worked to be accepted to a college or begin a career, but that the social aspects of being in high school have equally prepared you for your future.  I know that it must feel like the end of your senior year has been taken from you and I truly do empathize with each of you. This is why I would like the senior class to know that the high school administration will do everything we can to forge forward with our end of year celebrations.  Although our celebrations may be different, I ask that you open your minds to creative ways that you can be celebrated.  

    These are our current times and we must look forward to creating new traditions and ways that we can celebrate your success and achievements.  To that end, I created this form that I would like you to fill out to solicit your feedback and ideas.  Tomorrow, April 1, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. I will host a Zoom conference for the senior class where I can further discuss end of year activities and a timeline moving forward.  I will send a Zoom meeting code via your school email so that you can join if you would like.       

    I hope to see you all tomorrow on Zoom!  

    Mrs. Z. and The High School Administrative Team

    Lauren Zirpoli

    Principal, New Providence High/Middle School