• Today is Thursday June 11 - Day #59 and 1 more online learning day  until Summer Vacation.  4 more days until Richie’s 7th birthday.

    Today, there will be a virtual class party with LLD 2 and LLD 3 at 12 noon. Today I sent  out the zoom invite for it.  The classes will be doing a scavenger hunt.  Bring a party snack or your lunch while we have some fun. 

    Almost summer vacation  time.  Tomorrow is the last day and then a very well deserved break for you and your amazing parents.

    All students ---

    Find a cool game on cool math for kids. Link below.


    https://xtramath.org/#/home/index just for extra practice

    Reading and Writing--

    The next two days   Father’s day is  next (not this Sunday).  Your dads are all amazing. We are usually in school for this. I am going to be leaving here booklets to make , some pages to color, and /or cards to make .  You choose how you would like to honor your dad.  You may want to ask your moms for help with this one. Have fun!!!!

    booklet for fathers day

    Coloring page -- girl

    Coloring page --boy

    All about Dad

    Read ---- today is 20minutes  Lexia or the new free reading program

    In our class class we rely on using many modalities to be successful. Click on this link to use one or more ways to have fun while practicing letter and word writing. Fun ways to practice writing words

    All students  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday --------- Lexia----Use your account and complete 20 minutes

    Tuesday and Thursdays Raz -kids 



    Science/Social Studies/Health

    Party with the class today!!!!