• Today is Tuesday June 9 - Day #57 and 3 more online learning days until Summer Vacation.

    Today is Phys Ed

    Mrs Hoogerhyde has an art class for you all at 1:30 today.  I sent the zoom invite with our class zoom invite.  

    Thursday there will be a virtual class party with LLD 2 and LLD 3 sometime around 11:30  On Wednesday I will send out the zoom invite for it.  The classes will be doing a scavenger hunt.  It should be so fun. 

    Almost summer vacation  time.  Less than aweek and then a very well deserved break for you and your amazing parents.

    All students ---

    Your choice:  

    Addition Mystery Picture http://www.k12mathworksheets.com/add-sub/Addition_Color_by_Number_Butterflies.pdf

    Subtraction Mystery picture


    Color by number

    Summer time picture click here



    https://xtramath.org/#/home/index just for extra practice

    Reading and Writing--

    You have learned all the vowels in the alphabet.  Remember  "EVERY WORD MUST HAVE A VOWEL" Today we will concentrate on the short ‘u’ sound.  There are many i words. Take 3 or 4 words and write 2 or 3 sentences using your words.  Remember to capitalize the first letter in the sentence and use a period or question mark at the end .  Share your sentences on SEESAW  Use words from the word list below.

    Word list of all vowels learned

    A Wonderful Year -----This next activity is a 2 day project. On Seesaw  go to activities and click on assigned activity and follow the directions for A Wonderful Year.  Have fun with it. 

    Read ---- today is 20minutes  Raz-Kids or the new free reading program

    In our class class we rely on using many modalities to be successful. Click on this link to use one or more ways to have fun while practicing letter and word writing. Fun ways to practice writing words

    All students  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday --------- Lexia----Use your account and complete 20 minutes

    Tuesday and Thursdays Raz -kids 



    Science/Social Studies/Health

     Because of online learning , one thing we didn't do this year was watch a caterpillar go through its life cycle and become a butterfly. Read the stories and watch the videos about the butterflies and when you are outside this week see if you see any in your travels All about Butterflies 

    Complete  and color the worksheet life cycle of a butterfly