• Wednesday June 3 - Day #53 and 7 more online learning days until Summer Vacation

    Today is Phys ED

    Today is  Ms. Starr’s  Zoom concert at 1pm. with all the songs you learned this year and ending with “Its a Grand Old Flag”.  Join in the fun always a good time with Ms. Starr.  It will be today at 1pm.  MATH --  all students. 

    All kindergarteners on Think Central Go to your Library--- Curious George  Go Math Animated Math Models-- GK skill 33 and 34 ---learn the math , do the math, independent  practice and quiz

    All First Graders On Think Central Go to your Library-Curious George  Go Math Animated Math Models G1  skill 50 and 51,-- learn the math , do the math, independent  practice and quiz



    https://xtramath.org/#/home/index just for extra practice

    Reading and Writing--

    You have learned all the vowels in the alphabet.  Remember  "EVERY WORD MUST HAVE A VOWEL" Today we will concentrate on the short a take 3 or 4 words and write 2 or 3 sentences using your words.  Remember the capitalize the first letter in the sentence and use a period or question mark at the end .  Share your sentences on SEESAW  Use words from word list below.

    Word list of all vowels learned

       Read ---- today is 20minutes  Lexia or the new free reading program

    In our class class we rely on using many modalities to be successful. Click on this link to use one or more ways to have fun while practicing letter and word writing. Fun ways to practice writing words

    All students  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday --------- Lexia----Use your account and complete 20 minutes

    Tuesday and Thursdays Raz -kids 



    Science/Social Studies/Health

    Yesterday you read How a sunflower grows. Today I want you to see the words that are neccessary to talk about growing a sunflower.  Click on the link here.   Vocabulary for Sunflowers

    Watch Peep and The Big Wide World  Peep Plants a Seed.