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    • Practice these high frequency words. When you are ready, go on Raz-Kids and complete the Flight Check assignment for these words. 


    • Check on Seesaw for today's assignment. You will be reading & recording short and long vowel words. 


    • Today you will be thinking about spelling patterns for this activity. Choose the correctly spelled word that matches the picture. 


    • Today's assignment is on Flipgrid. You will be acting as the teacher and correcting my mistakes in these five words. On Flipgrid, show me the correct spelling of the words AND tell me what I did wrong. 

    • The link will be sent to you by 8:30 am. 

    • If you'd like some clues about what's wrong with the spelling words, you can watch this video


    • If you met with me on Zoom today, we practiced reading words & sentences and practiced spelling.

    • If you did not get a chance to go on Zoom, the sentences we practiced reading are here. You can also use this time to go on Lexia.