• 5th Grade:

    Reading over the summer is SO IMPORTANT! You all worked so hard this year and we want to keep up that hard work to be ready for 6th grade! Here are some ideas for how to continue to grow as a reader and writer over the summer.  

    * READ, READ, READ! Read everyday, across multiple genres!

    * Think, talk, and write about the books you read! Be sure to think deeply by focusing on the following: theme, author’s purpose, lesson learned, point of view, character change, character conflict, and character thinking/feeling/motivation.

    * Read E-Books: You still have access to Storia and Learning Ally!

    * Continue with Lexia

    * Complete any assignments from home/distance learning that you missed - 5th Grade Virtual Learning Assignments

    * Keep a journal

    * Stop & jot on post-its while you read

    * Complete this summer reading challenge: Summer Reading Challenge!


    ...following these suggestions can help to prevent the "summer slide!" 

    what happens during the summer slide

    This graphic is from https://blog.allaboutlearningpress.com/summer-slide/