• Tuesday  May 26 Day #47 and 13 more online learning days until Summer Vacation

    Zoom with your class this morning at 9.

    Today is Phys Ed.. 

    Today is also a zoom art class with Mrs. Hoogerhyde at 11.

    Mrs Kral is having a zoom storytime at 1pm.

    MATH --  all students . 2 dimensional shapes complete the worksheets below

    Choose your best one to share on seesaw

    basic shapes follow the directions

    Find the hidden shapes  This one is really challenging---Color triangles green, circles blue, rectangles orange, squares yellow, trapezoid purple, ovals red



    https://xtramath.org/#/home/index just for extra practice

    Reading and Writing--

    Read ---- today is 20minutes  Raz Kids or the new free reading program

    In our class class we rely on using many modalities to be successful. Click on this link to use one or more ways to have fun while practicing letter and word writing. Fun ways to practice writing words


    Journal writing.  

    Tell me about a person that is important to you and what you did with them over this 3 day weekend. Share with me on Seesaw.  Write and illustrate

    Writing paper --  click here 

    All students  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday --------- Lexia----Use your account and complete 20 minutes

    Tuesday and Thursdays Raz -kids 



    Science/Social Studies/Health

    Mrs. Kral Story Time --1pm