• A Few Reminders: 

    -Since there is no school Monday, there will only be 3 assignments this week. 

    -Please keep up with your Lexia Minutes each week!

    -We'll meet on Zoom on Friday at 9:30. 

    -You can always play one of our games and/or listen to one of my read alouds.  Links to all important documents and websites can be found here: 2nd Grade Home Learning Info


    Week of May 25th:

    Day 1-

    I know you're reading poems with your class! Please read the following poem (in your best reading voice!) and answer the 2 questions at the bottom.  

    A Rainy Day in May


    Day 2-

    For today, you'll need to use the poem from above to do the following activities:

    -Re-read the poem in your best reading voice!

    -Underline words with vowel teams that make a long a sound.

    -Put a box around words with vowel teams that make a long e sound.  

    -Circle two words that rhyme that make a short vowel sound.

    -Look at all of the words you underlined, boxed, and circled.  Now, choose 5 of these words and use each one in a sentence.


    Day 3- Game Day!

    Please choose any game and play it. Click here to see all of your games - scroll to the bottom.  Have fun!