• A Few Reminders: 

    -Please keep up with your Lexia Minutes each week!

    -We'll meet on Zoom on Friday at 9:30. 

    -You can always play one of our games and/or listen to one of my read alouds.  Links to all important documents and websites can be found here: 2nd Grade Home Learning Info

    -For the next few weeks, I'll be reading a mystery chapter book out loud.  This book is very special to me - my mom is good friends with the author! Click here if you want to listen! Mystery Read Aloud


    Week 9 (Week of April May 18-22)

    Day 1 - Fluency Practice

    Please read the following passage in your best reading voice. After reading it 3 times, please record yourself reading it the 4th time and email it to me! You can send a video or audio recording to: atallman@npsdnj.org. 

    Fluency Passage


    Day 2- Spell it Correctly!


    See if you can spell these tricky words correctly! 

    Spell it Correctly!


    Day 3- Short text & questions

    Please read the following short text, which is a story about 2 friends playing at the playground.  When you are done, answer the questons!

    Playground story & questions


    Day 4- Game Day!


    Here's another "roll & read" game that will help you to practice fluency! You will also practice the /ir/ sound spelled in 3 different ways (ir, er, and ur).

    Roll & Read /ir/ spelled ir, er, and ur