• A Few Reminders: 

    -Please keep up with your Lexia Minutes each week!

    -We'll meet on Zoom on Friday at 9:30. 

    -You can always play one of our games and/or listen to one of my read alouds.  Links to all important documents and websites can be found here: 2nd Grade Home Learning Info

    -For the next few weeks, I'll be reading a mystery chapter book out loud.  This book is very special to me - my mom is good friends with the author! Click here if you want to listen! Mystery Read Aloud


    Week 9 (Week of April May 11-15)

    Day 1 - igh, y, ie review

    In preparation for your game on Friday, please complete the following: 

    igh, y, ie worksheet


    Day 2- Reader's Theater, Day 1

    During our Zoom meeting on Friday, we'll do another reader's theater! Here is the script for the play Animals, Animals.  In this play, a group of students is learning all about animals from their teacher. We'll assign parts on Friday. Please practice reading the whole script in your best reading voice.  Be prepared to be ANY part!

    Animals, Animals Reader's Theater


    Day 3- Reader's Theater, Day 2

    Practice, practice, practice! Keep reading Animals, Animals in your best reading voice in preparation for Friday! Also, I'm sure you noticed that this play also taught you a ton of facts about animals.  What did you learn?  Please write down 5 facts you learned about animals after reading this script. Be prepared to share what you learned during our meeting on Friday!


    Day 4- Game Day!

    Today's "roll & read" game will help you to practice one of your spelling patterns (igh, y, and ie), as well as reading fluently. 

    Roll & Read - Fluency and IGH/Y/IE