• Week 9 (May 4-8)

    For the time being, I’ll be working with you on Maniac Magee.  I’ll be reading the book alongside you.  During our zoom meetings, we’ll discuss the text and follow up with your class work. We’ll also be focusing on theme, which will help you as you finish up Maniac Magee and prepare you for your RPW at the end of the month.

    Each week, I will be giving you one additional theme assignment.  This will be an assignment with a short text, and we will always review this assignment during our Friday meeting. 

    Also, if you have a Lexia account with me, please be sure to keep up with your minutes.  


    This week's assignment:

    Please read the following short text and answer the questions. As you read, please think about the theme (use text evidence to help you!).

    Theme Practice