Welcome to Salt Brook Elementary School! Health Information for New Students

School Nurse
  • School Nurse: Ms. Lynn Kral, MPH, MS, RN, CSN-NJ 

    Email: lkral@npsdnj.org

    Office phone: 908-464-7100 x2615

    For All New Students:

    *** Complete Immunization Records AND a Physical Exam are required for school attendance in New Jersey.***

    Please be aware that children typically receive immunization boosters at their 5-year check up, and these are required for school attendance. If records were submitted at registration, updates are likely needed that include the 5-year booster immunizations. Please submit these updated records when your doctor is able to schedule an appointment and provide the documentation.

    Use this form for immunizations and physical exams: Immunization and Physical Exam Form (your physician's form or proof of immunization record is also acceptable)

    For Students with Severe or Life-Threatening Food Allergies:

    ***Food Allergies are Managed Respectfully at Salt Brook!***

    Managing severe food allergies requires a team approach that includes the school nurse, teaching staff, parents, the student, and school administrators. The safety of students with severe food allergies is of utmost importance. 

    The following document combines the complete packet of forms needed for allergy management. The two-page FARE form must be completed by a physician. The Individualized Health Plan (IHP) is a template that outlines the basic procedures for the management of food allergies at school. These forms should be submitted along with required medications at the start of the school year.Severe Allergy Packet for New Students

    For Students with Asthma:

    If your child will require treatment or medication for asthma during the school day, an Asthma Treatment Plan should be completed by your physician and signed by a parent. The form can be found here: Asthma Treatment Plan

    Parents are responsible for supplying all medications and supplies. **Please note: due to COVID-19 recommendations, nebulizers must be avoided in the school setting, and can only be administered in emergency situations. 

    For Students who Require Medication During the School Day:

    ALL medications require a physician's order and written parental permission. THIS INCLUDES ALL OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS! This form includes both the parental and physician sections for medication approval: Medication Form: Physician and Parent Sections

    Other Medical Conditions:

    Please contact the school nurse if your child has other medical or health issues that might require nursing care during the school day.

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