• A Few Reminders: 

    -Please keep up with your Lexia Minutes each week!

    -Moving forward, our Zoom meetings will be on Fridays at 9:30. 

    -You can always play one of our games and/or listen to one of my read alouds.  Links to all important documents and websites can be found here: 2nd Grade Home Learning Info


    Week 8 (Week of April May 4-8)

    Day 1: -dge vs -ge review!

    Print, cut, read, and sort the following words.  If you don't have a printer, please write them down on cards or post-its.  Then, pick 4 words and use them in sentences!

    -ge and -dge word cards


    Day 2- Fluency Practice!

    Please download the following nonfiction fluency passage and practice reading out loud in your best reading voice. Please read it out loud 5 times. As you read, you should be reading in your best "teacher" or "news reporter" voice.  You are reading in a voice that helps to teach information! (please do not worry about the information at the bottom). 

    Baseball Fluency Passage

    Day 3- Talk about your book!

    Pick any book to read on Raz, Epic, or Learning Ally.  You can also listen to a story on Storyline Online or one of my read alouds.  Please sure to read or listen to a fiction book.  When you are done, play "roll and chat" with a friend, sibling, or family member!

    Roll & Chat


    Day 4- Game Day! 

    Here's a new game - "roll and read." 

    Here's how you play: Roll the dice, read the word, then color it in. You're all done when your entire board is colored in! 

    Roll & Read - Vowel Teams