• A Few Reminders: 

    -Please keep up with your Lexia Minutes each week!

    -Moving forward, our Zoom meetings will be on Fridays at 9:30. 

    -You can always play one of our games and/or listen to one of my read alouds.  Links to all important documents and websites can be found here: 2nd Grade Home Learning Info


    Week 7 (Week of April April 27-May 1)

    Day 1- Sentence Writing!

    Please watch this video.  I'll be giving you instructions and saying sentences I'd like you to write.  You will need a piece of paper and pencil. When you are finished, please read through your work and make any corrections if needed.  You can use the "COPS" document to help you make corrections!

    2nd Grade Sentence Practice



    Day 2- Fluency Practice!

    Please download the following fluency passage and practice reading out loud in your best reading voice. As you read, you should be thinking about how the character is feeling.  This should change how your voice sounds! Please read it out loud 3 times.

    Fluency Passage

    Day 3 & Day 4 - Spelling Rules!

    Please download the following packet (which is 4 pages long). You can do 2 pages today and 2 pages tomorrow.  There are a lot of spelling rules to practice.  Please be sure to practice reading the words out loud as well!

    Spelling Rules