• Dear 2nd Graders:

    Moving forward, please choose any assignment from the week to email to me.  You can simply take a picture and ask your parents to email me. :) My email address is: atallman@npsdnj.org.  Don't forget to keep up with your Lexia minutes.  We'll also be having another zoom meeting this week and we'll be discussing some of the work below.

    -Mrs. Tallman


    Week 6 (Week of April 20-24)

    Day 1-

    Today, let's practice our sight words.  Please choose 6 sight words from your list that seem tricky to you.  You should choose words that you usually forget how to spell.  Practice spelling these words (out loud, on a white board, on paper, or to a family member). Then, use each one of these words in a sentence.

    2nd Grade Sight Word List

    Please be ready to share words you found tricky with your classmates during our next zoom meeting!


    Day 2- 

    Choose any of my read alouds to listen to: Mrs. Tallman's Read Alouds

    If you choose a nonfiction book, please be thinking about the following: what new information are you learning?

    If you choose a fiction book, please be thinking about the character traits the main character is showing. 

    Please be ready to share the book you listened to and some of your thinking during our next zoom meeting!


    Day 3- 

    Today, please write a reading response about the book you listened to yesterday.  

    If you listened to a nonfiction book, please write 3 new things you learned and 3 questions you have.

    If you listened to a fiction book, please write about the character. What trait(s) did they show? What examples from the book show this trait?


     Day 4- 

    -GAME DAY! You can play any of your old games or you can learn the new game below.

    -Please download and print the "roll a sight word" game board here: roll a sight word

    -Use the 6 words from Monday (those words you need practice with!) Write those 6 words in the top boxes.  Then, you roll the dice and write the word that matches the number.  You play until your board is full.  Feel free to print as many boards as you'd like to practice even more words.  HAVE FUN!