• A Few Reminders:

    -If you'd like, please use the following log to keep track of the assignments you do at home: BSI Work Log

    -For any written work, you can either share it with me on Google Drive (atallman@npsdnj.org) or take a picture of it and email it to me.

    -Keep up with your Lexia minutes!

    -Don't forget that you can find independent reading books on Storia and Learning Ally


    Week 3 (March 30 - April 3)

    Day 1:

    -Go onto Storia.  Please go to the “5th Grade Close Reads” collection and add "What are Whiskers For?" to your bookshelf.

    -Close read this passage. As you read, please use the tools in Storia to create sticky notes and highlight about new information, questions you have, and connections to information you already know. 


    Day 2:

    -Go onto Storia and re-read “What are Whiskers for?” 

    -Write a proper paragraph that answers the following question: Why are whiskers important? Remember, a proper paragraph should rephrase the question, have evidence from the text, explain the evidence, and have a concluding statement. 

    -Please share your paragraph with me in Google Drive. You will need to create a new google doc and share it with: atallman@npsdnj.org.