• Good morning boys and girls!


    I miss you all like crazy cakes!!  Don't forget to keep practicing your letters and writing your names.  I attached your name worksheet.  Remember ALWAYS start your letters at the top!!Make sure youre holding your crayon with the tripod grasp.  Index finger, pointer, thumb.  Don't press too hard or your fingers will hurt.  I would like all of you to start using regular sized crayons and if it is still too challenging to hold it properly, use a grip on a regular sized crayon.


    When cutting remember to always put your thumb in the small hole and always keep your thumb up.  Don't turn your scissors, keep your scisors in the same position, shoulder down, arm down, relaxed and move the paper with the other hand.  I know you guys are getting really good at that.


    Please remember to share and take turns with your siblings.  Try and give compliments to others and tell them if they are doing something well.  It feels good to make others happy.  I am so proud of all of you and how good you have been at home.  Please send me pictures of things youve been doing.  


    I miss you all and love you so much,

    Warm hugs,

    Miss Jenny