• -Please use the following log to keep track of the assignments you do at home: BSI Work Log

    -For any written work, you can either share it with me on Google Drive (atallman@npsdnj.org) or bring it with you when we return to school! 

    -Keep up with your Lexia minutes!

    -Don't forget that you can find independent reading books on Storia and Learning Ally


    Week 2 (March 23-27): 


    Day 1:

    -Go on Lexia for 15 minutes

    -Close read “Pet Cemetery.” This text is all about how Ancient Egyptians mummified their pets! Read the first time to get the gist.  When you read the second time, please annotate, underline, and/or highlight when you have a connection, question, or learn something new. You should have many connections to this text, since you have already learned about mummification, the Ancient Egyptian's belief in the afterlife, and so on. If you are unable to print this passage, you can do your annotations on a separate sheet of paper.

    -Click here for the passage: Pet Cemetery Close Read

    Day 2: 

    -Go on Lexia for 15 minutes

    -Complete the questions from “Pet Cemetery”. Don’t forget to refer back to the text, and write your answers in complete sentences (i.e. rephrase, write a paragraph when necessary, etc.)  If you are unable to print the questions, you can complete all of this on a separate sheet of paper.

    -Click here for the questions: Pet Cemetery Question Set